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    Disco XT DJ 4.6.2 Portable
    03.04.2009, 21:20

    Disco XT DJ является профессиональной программой для ди-джеев. Возможности программы: automixing, BPM detection, recording, effects, sample playback, microphone input, customized fades, headphone listening и многое другое. Позволяет использовать песни и плейлисты вашего iTunes или Windows Media Player. Одним нажатием кнопки вы сможете использовать Automix-режим, так что если вы захотите сделать перерыв на вечеринке, то эта функция позволит вам это сделать.

    Disco XT is a professional DJ software for Windows. Disco XT features automixing, BPM detection, recording, effects, sample playback, microphone input, customized fades, headphone listening and much more!

    Integrates seamlessly with your media player
    Disco XT allows to use songs and playlists you've already collected and compiled in your iTunes or Windows Media library.

    Unattended automix
    With a touch of a button, you may put Disco XT to automix mode. So if you want to take a break when DJ mixing at a party, you can!

    With automix, Disco XT can transition from one song to another in many ways. Enjoy use of different styles of fades. Disco XT comes with 19 different fade types.

    Disco XT comes with a fade editor to create your own transitions. Use your own-created fades for as many times you like.

    Move to next song
    Transition to the next song on your playlist in advance with a touch of a button.

    Automation device
    If you wish, you may hide the decks and mixer to save screen space and only show the small automation device. Automation device shows the current song and the upcoming song and the playlist playtime and remaining time. Automation device has the basic automation controls.

    Zoomable waveforms
    Audio decks feature high quality waveform displays with dragging support. Waveforms allow zoom from 16x to 1x.

    Loop part of a track seamlessly.
    Hit 'In' to set loop start and hit 'Out' to set loop end.

    Keyboard control
    Use almost any function of Disco XT using your keyboard. Hit the key '2' to play the deck A.

    Set the keyboard shortcuts to anything you like with the shortcut editor.

    Listen with headphones
    Listen to a song with your headphones without interfering with output to your speakers. Cue tracks without anyone else hearing while the music plays on! Supports USB and Firewire audio interfaces.

    Record your mix
    Disco XT records to audio file at the press of a button. Record your songs and transitions to a continuous audio file. Share your with mix with your friends or burn it to CD or load to your portable player. Records to AAC on Mac and to WAVE on Windows.

    Changes in v4.6.2
    - New much expanded help content.
    - New equalizer presets.
    - New skins.
    - New automix fades.
    - Fix: Development logs were written to report file when no problems were present.
    - Improved overall stability.
    - Demo time limit increased to 30 minutes.

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